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Welcome to
J & M Wellness and Consulting Inc.

Are you tired of taking care of administrative tasks that take up too much of your precious time? Do you wish you had someone who could offer you high-quality business support?

Look no further! J & M Wellness and Consulting is here to handle all your administrative needs, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best. Say goodbye to the stress of managing your own administrative tasks and let me take care of it for you!

Client Testimonials
"We have used Sara's services for several months now and the effect has been significant on all fronts of our business.
She has worked with us to improve team building, revenue, exposure, protocol compliance and many other day to day systems and policies.

She is incredibly energetic and punctual and often ends up holding us accountable to our assigned tasks as she motivates us to be the best version of ourselves. In particular, her expertise and experience in the labyrinth of health regulation and requirements has been hugely beneficial to our overall compliance.

Sara has dedicated herself to our business, our clients and our team as though we were her own family business and her energy and motivation has given us a much needed boost - especially post-COVID. She has become a vital part of our team and everyone here feels comfortable reaching out to her for any question - no matter how small.

Having Sara on contract is like having permanent access to many different business experts, coaches and cheerleaders - but only when you need them - and at a cost that is feasible for a small business (and ends up paying for itself in increased revenue).
I can't recommend Sara highly enough to anyone wanting to re-invigorate or re-focus their team and their business - or to anyone needing someone to pick up all the small (or large!) projects that no-one on salary can quite "get around to"! "

- Dr. Sian Williams, Alinio Chiropractic

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"There is a great work/home life balance that you need to achieve. If you let your home life eat into your work life, you lose motivation quickly and if work life imposes too much on your family time, then your family time becomes less satisfactory."
- Dane Taylor

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